Hi Moms,

I created this blog to help you out, being a stay at home mom myself, I know that we all could use some extra money and also find something useful and constructive to do with the spare time we have.

After my husbands job slowed down because of the bad economy, I had to get a job, but I couldn't afford a babysitter, so I started researching ways to make some extra money at home to help pay our bills.
After trial and error, I found some legit and free ways, so I decided to post them on a blog to help other stay at home moms.



CashCrate is one of the best free sites to make money on, they have over 900,000 members!! They have lots of different ways to make money too and a proven payment record. I have had a lot of success with this site and it is my favorite. CashCrate also gives you a $1.00 bonus for signing up. The site has full support and a very active forum. You make money by filling out "yes/no" surveys and by referring others.
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Deal Barbie Pays

Deal Barbie Pays pays you cash to do stuff online. Basically you do free offers, surveys and get paid for it. The site also has contests where you can win extra money.

The site has had a long track record of successful payouts. They have been in business since April 2006. It is really easy to sign up and then you just go searching through the many pages of offers to find something that suits you. The site also gives you random bonuses periodically and that also gives you a chance to earn some money. You can cash out your money once your balance reaches a minimum of $20.00 and you get paid via numerous channels, including PayPal. Sign Up


Ebay is a great way to make some extra money by selling items that you own and don't need. We have often heard the saying "One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure", well that saying is true for ebay.

Ebay is free to join and has thousands of users, start searching through your closet and basement for things you don't need or have not used and sell them on ebay. Used clothing, electronics, toys, small furniture, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, etc.

Visit the following site for more info,

Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a very unique and interesting site, they have a great referral program and payout is high. They also have great contests and prizes. You make money by filling out "yes/no" surveys and by referring others. Sign Up